Sunday, 18 March 2018

Trumpeter 1/350 HMS Repulse

Well my foray into the world of warship modelling is reaching rather grander heights with this beast. HMS Repulse, built in 1916 and finally sunk by the Japanese in 1941, to be built in her final configuration and paint scheme.

The kit, as with all Trumpeter naval kits, is an impressive piece of engineering in itself and goes together beautifully, although as ever with this particular manufacturer you need to watch out for accuracy problems, and there are a few. These are covered well elsewhere online and I won't repeat them here as this is primarily about showing you the finished article.

Of course no self-respecting naval modeller would dream of building anything like this without a little enhancement, so here is a list of the extra goodies brought into play in this build.

  • The very comprehensive and well engineered FlyHawk models photo etch set
  • The Admiralty Modelworks update set that corrects the aft superstructure and also happens to provide some nice resin replacement boats
  • Corrected main turrets from Shapeways
  • Master main gun barrels
  • Infini 20mm Oerlikons
  • Tetra 0.5 Quad guns
  • BigBlueBoy 2pdr pom poms
  • Alliance Modelworks deck vents
  • Artwox wooden decking and anchor chains
  • and various bits and pieces from my spares drawer....

It's been quite a journey but I am thoroughly pleased with the result, so without further ado please enjoy the photos below. You can find build progress photos on FaceBook here.